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between TuffPlans® & Plain Paper Plans

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TuffPlans® printed on Tyvek® and Plain Paper Plan Printing are also available from the following Builders Merchants

Waterproof your Plans!

Water, snow, sleet, mud, solvents, sand, tools, handling, and exposed concrete all take their toll on plain paper plans. Job site plans and drawings are always exposed to tremendously harsh conditions for normal paper. Tyvek® is so tear-resistant that it withstands all the elements and protects the plans against scuffing as well. The many uses of this material have been extended to job site drawings. Tyvek® is coupled with our unique weatherproof printing process and is as durable as vinyl, but much lighter.
Some of the NZ’s biggest house builders and construction companies use Tuffplans printed on Tyvek®, as they can print once and have the construction plans last for the whole job. The construction staff and subbies love them because they don’t fall apart and can be washed off with water. The architects and project managers love them, because their drawings can last for the whole job without having to be redrawn.

Have a look at this video on YouTube which very clearly shows the differences between TuffPlans on Tyvek® and Plain Paper Plans


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