Plans are our business!

TuffPlans® last and last on building & project sites, they’re the plans that are not only waterproof, they can’t be torn, the high-resolution image is bonded to the sheet [unlike the standard inks used by most plan printers], they are unaffected by most solvents such as petrol & diesel.

What’s more they are cheaper than Laminated Plain Paper plans that they replace!

The Process is Easy

  • Click on the upload button below.
  • We convert your plans to TuffPlans®
  • Courier Post will deliver your TuffPlans® the next **morning wherever you are in New Zealand.

**We need your PDF by 2pm to have your job on the Courier that evening

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We suggest that all TuffPlans® sets of Plans are more than 10 sheets are bound together. Not only does this hold all pages in the set firmly together they look great!

Features are:

  • We add 15mm extra width to the left edge of each sheet so that the binding does not encroach on the pages image.
  • Heavy Duty Staples along left side, pages will not fall out with use.
  • Special Cloth Binding Tape covers staples.
  • Job Name and Address shown.
  • Customer’s Logo can be shown.
  • Suggest that no more than 60-70 sheets are bound in one set.
  • Many customers break Job into Architectural & Structural/Engineering sets.

A3  $10.00 per bound set
A2  $12.50 per bound set
A1  $15.00 per bound set
A0  $17.50 per bound set


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