What People Are Saying about TuffPlans®

“We heard about TuffPlans® on a Radio ad. We have been pleasantly surprised when they personally delivered printed plans to our out of Auckland site. Since then, we have used them several times with the same, great service”.

Dave Hyland – Mercer Mushrooms

“I LOVE dealing with TuffPlans®; their customer service is absolutely outstanding and our Builders love using the tough TuffPlans®”

Ina Reckling – Stroud Homes

“We have been engaging TuffPlans® for all our contracts since the companies conception many years ago now.

The benefits of having weather proof Tyvek® plans on site for our team clearly speaks for itself in huge volumes

The process is seamless with a complete digital system and a turn around couriered delivery to site or office within 24 to 48 hours

Very price competitive and reliable company to deal with and will endeavour to support TuffPlans®  well into the future .

The Name , speaks for itself !!!!”

Mark Metzger – Metzger Builders

“TuffPlans have surprised me from day one, with the best quality printing I have used, and still use to date.

The quality of paper for standard prints, through to the ink they use I have not seen this quality from any other printing company in the 20 years I have been printing plans.

We also use the Tyvek® printing that TuffPlans® offer and our clients and builders love this style, we use it for presentation plans and for the contractors to have tough durable site plans.

The service we receive is outstanding and we can rely on their fast, prompt and quick turnaround service every time. If you want hassle free, high quality printing at an affordable price you won’t be disappointed with TuffPlans®,

Thank you Peter and the team.”

Scott Jury – Jurado Architects

“We always order TuffPlans® from TuffPlans Limited before our project starts, the TuffPlans® are Waterproof and Tearproof, which is perfect for builders to use on the construction site.

We find their staff friendly, efficient and helpful.

Almost every time when I place an order it goes smoothly and always arrives on time.”

Jasmine Wang – Japan Homes

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